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Chloe’s Four Legged Fashions Harness Vest Review

Don’t you love the Internet?  Not only does it gives us a great place to research, reunite with old friends and keep in touch with family, but it has opened up a whole new world for pet owners to shop in.  We have so many sites to buy from, we don’t need to even step into a brick and mortar store and we can find so many new products especially those made by entrepreneurs.  These are people like Nathalie of Chloe’s Four Legged Fashions.  Nathalie started out making clothing for her dog Chloe and turned it into a business. Now she offers a variety of harness coats, dresses and vests as well as matching leashes.  These are custom made and as she says on her site,  she’ll make them for everything from ferrets to Great Danes!

Nathalie contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of her Harness Vests.  I visited her site to learn more about her company and her vests.  I tend to be very practical (some would say plain and boring) when it comes to clothing my pets, but I really liked the different patterns that she offers and I really liked that she offered her harnesses for smaller animals.  In fact after deciding I would go ahead and do a review, I really wanted to get a harness for Glee, my rabbit.  Unfortunately, when it came to getting measurements, Glee just wasn’t into it. Not wanting to have to struggle to get the vest on her in order to review it, I went with my second choice, Malarky, my Parson Russell.

In order to make a custom Harness Vest, Nathalie needs your dog’s measurements, which include- the neck measurement, the chest measurement and the body length measurement.  I sent this information off to her and had the vest in just a short time.

Harness Vest laid out on tableThe Harness Vest is made from cotton fabric with the patterned fabric (in my case a brown and blue batik print) on the outside and white for a liner on the inside.  It has a matching cotton edging around it.  The craftsmanship was very nice, no puckered edging and nice, even stitching.  I tried pulling edging up, Velcro up, even the D-ring and had no problem with the stitching pulling up. The Velcro for around the neck is a decent length which is nice because then it is a little adjustable.  Harness Vest laid on table showing linerGreat if you have a dog that might get clipped and may need more room when they grow their coat in.

Next I tried it on Malarky.  I really like how easy it is to put on.  No having to pick up the front leg and put it through.  No having to untangle it and find the opening to put over your dog’s head.  Just place it on your dog’s back, reach under the chest to connect the Velcro and then under the chin to connect the Velcro around the neck.  Done. I lifted up on the D-ring to see how the Velcro held and I could hear it give a little bit under the chest, but it didn’t come apart. (I tried the Harness Vest on my dog, Havoc, later and tried the same thing and it didn’t give at all so I may not have press hard enough on the velcro when I put it on Malarky.)

Harness Vest showing how connects under neckOnce that was on I attached the leash and we took a little test walk in the driveway and front yard.  I will admit I am a little wary of the strength of Velcro and was worried one pull from Malarky and she would be out of it.  Malarky didn’t really pull much so I didn’t get a chance to test, but the Harness Vest looked real comfortable to wear and gave us no problems on that little jaunt.

A few days later Malarky and I headed off on a longer walk around the block to try the Harness Vest. My first test was to give a tug on the leash.  Eeeh, the neck part of the velcro popped open.  I did try a tug a couple more times during our walk and didn’t have a repeat so again I think I may not have pressed the Velcro together well enough when I put the Harness Vest on but Nathalie does offer a solution if you are worried about this happening.  She can make the Harness Vest with the neck sown shut, so it slips over the head.  The rest of our walk went just fine, we even got a “What a cute puppy!” from a neighbor on the next street.

Review Round-up

+ Well-made

+Easy on, easy off- this is my favorite feature.

+ A variety of fashionable patterns to choose from

+ Custom made so it fits your pet (as long as you do the measurements right)

+ Some adjustability so it can fit your pet at different times during their grooming cycle

+ Can be made to fit a variety of pets- dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys, ferrets

+ Different styles for dogs and cats- vests, dresses and coats

— It is important you know your pet.  If they are not well-behaved on a leash or have a tendency to pull when they see something, you may want to consider having the neck portion shown shut.  Even if they are well behaved, that is something I would really consider for a medium to large breed dog to be on the safe side. Yes, I am a worry wart. I wish there was an alternative to Harness Vest from the sidehaving to sew it shut, an industrial snap or a way to attach it to a collar because  I really like how easy it is to get on and off.

I think Chloe’s Four Legged Fashions Harness Vest is a cute alternative to the regular nylon web harnesses, especially if you like to keep your pet in style.

You can purchase the Harness Vest, Harness, Dress or Harness Coat directly from Chloe’s Four Legged Fashions.  Nathalie has extended a discount to PPR readers. To receive 10% off your order, enter the code PPR10 during the check-out.

I received  a Harness Vest at no charge in order to do the review.

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