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auggiedog Review




I love having dogs in my life, I can’t think of a downside well, maybe just 1- pooper scooping. It’s not my favorite chore. I got the chance to try a product that while it won’t make the poop chore disappear, it will make it easier.

I was given the chance to try and review the auggiedog, a device that helps you pick up your dog’s deposits. The website really made it seem like it would be a huge improvement over my garbage bag/bucket and pooper scooper method I was currently using to keep my yard doodie free so I was excited to give it a try.

The auggiedog is made of a sturdy plastic and comes with several features. It has a wrist strap for easy carrying. A light on it to keep you visible to others when out at night. It also has a whistle that can be used for training. Its height can be adjusted making it great for people of different heights to use. To use you just to to charge it up.

The auggiedog arrived without needing any assembly. I just needed to remove it from all the wrapping and plug it into charge. Couldn’t have been easier. Once it was charged and ready for action, I moved the set-up out to my garage where I could easily grab it for clean-up.Auggiedog handle

Using the auggiedog is easy. The height adjusted with just a twist. It has a button on the handle that you click to the right to put the auggiedog in Collect mode and click to the left to put in Empty mode. To lock the auggiedog when its not in use, you just need to push the button to a middle position.  To put into action, you just hold the trigger on the handle (similar to using a weed whacker).

To get started you just put the button in Collect mode and then once you find a deposit, you press the trigger to start the auggiedog before you place it over the stool. Once you place it over the stool, it pulls it into the barrel. Then you can move onto to your next pile.

I was able to collect about 4-5 stools before it needing emptying (Your mileage may vary depending on the size of your dog and the size of their droppings. My dogs include Jack Russells and a Springer Spaniel.).  I did find a couple of things during the whole process-

  • Remember to have the auggiedog in the Collect mode before picking up. I kept forgetting after emptying it and when you try to pick up stool with it in Empty mode, it mashes the stools down making it impossible to pick up.
  •  The directions state to start the auggiedog before placing it over the stool. I got mixed results with this. Sometimes I found it worked better to place the auggiedog then start it. I’m not sure exactly what made the difference- it didn’t seem to be related to the grass height or the size of the stools.
  • Sometimes it’s not a clean pickup. This seemed to depend on the stool. But neither is pooper scooping.
  • I found I had to break larger stools up into pieces to make it easier to pick up. I did this just using the edge of the auggiedog.
Because I live in area where it wouldn’t be unusual to get snow anytime from October to April and thank goodness it didn’t decide to snow early for me to test it, I asked the auggiedog representative about using it in snow. Taylor said you would use it the same way, although it might fill up a little faster. There wouldn’t be any problems with snow hurting the auggiedog.

To empty, you put the button in Empty mode and hold over whatever container you are depositing it in then press the trigger. I did have to shake the auggiedog to get all the stool out.

I took the auggiedog with me on 1 of my walks with the dogs. It was nice having something I could use to pick up poop and not have to wonder where I was going to put the bag until I got home, but I found it wasn’t comfortable to carry on our long walk.  It weighs less than 3 lbs, but I found I had to walk with my arm bent so it wouldn’t hit the ground. It just made for an awkward walk. It would be great on a short walk where you are just going out for potty reasons or if you are going somewhere like a dog show for the day.
auggiedog cleanup station

The auggiedog comes with its own cleaning solution and cleaning station. The process was easy. You put 8 ounces of solution in the station, then just step on the pedal to open and then put in the auger part of the auggiedog and turn on, alternating between Pickup and Empty modes. This did seem to clean the inside although I have no way of knowing how thoroughly since it’s hard to see inside. It didn’t do a good job of cleaning the very bottom. After spending over 5 minutes trying to see if it would come clean, I wiped it off with paper towels.



Review Wrap-up

+Easy to use. No setup. Just plug in to charge and then go.

+ I liked that it’s adjustable. Being tall it can get a little much on the back bending over. Extending it to its full height made it perfect for me to use.

+While there were a few things I noted above while using it, the auggiedog worked as described in picking up the poop.

+  I did have to shake a bit, but it did empty out well.

+ Nothing dangerous if you work with your dogs around. The auger portion that picks up the stools is totally contained so you don’t have to worry about nosy dogs getting hurt.

+Great to take on short walks and to dog events.

+ Environmentally friendly. You won’t have to worry using plastic bags.

–  I found it a little awkward to carry on a long walk even with adjusting the height to make it shorter.

– Didn’t clean up after use as well as I’d like. The very bottom of the auger still had poop on it even after a long period of running it in the cleaning station. It might be helpful having something with projections in the bottom of the cleaning station that wipe off the bottom as it runs.

-Cleaning solution doesn’t last long. I used the bottle that came with it and after one cleaning session, the solution was too dirty to use again. Having to buy cleaning solution for each use could get expensive.

auggiedog in use


I really liked the auggiedog. It made my dog poop duties easier by streamlining it to 1 piece of equipment. I think it also made doodie duty a little bit more fun too.


The auggiedog and cleaning solution can be purchased directly from auggiedog.

It is also available at a few retailers in Ontario, but they are adding other pet stores- auggiedog retailers

You can also find the Auggiedog on Amazon.


Disclaimer:  I received an auggiedog  for use in my review.   The review of this product is the opinion of me and my pets. I received no compensation for my review and receipt of the auggiedog did not influence my review. The review may contain affiliate links for which I may receive compensation when you make a purchase from the site linked to in the review.

3 comments to auggiedog Review

  • Thank you so much for the review!!! We are so glad you liked the auggiedog!

  • Hi and thanks for taking the time for the review.I am the inventor of the auggiedog and I certainly appreciate the positive feed back.I have just a few comments on how to make your walk a little easier.The auggiedog was designed to use like a cane or walking stick.With the cap in place you don’t have to worry about any unwanted drop out or damage to the end of the barrel.The auggiedog was built sturdy enough to place weight on it for stability,and with the cap it will stand alone on uneven ground.Also it is designed to be parked in the cleaning station until the next time you use it.Just run for five seconds in a couple inches of solution preferably before and after and leave until you use again.I change my solution once every 2 weeks.Again thanks for your review and input.Dave inventor…

  • demik3

    Thank you for sharing those tips. I will try keeping it in the cleaning station between uses. I can see that helping with the clean-up making the paper towel unnecessary.

    It’s good to know the Auggiedog can be used as a cane. Our walks are probably a little too fast since we really move but I will try the next time I meet my friends and their dogs at the park.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing!