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Faithfully Yours Blog Book Tour

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A few weeks ago, I shared an announcement about a new book coming out. Faithfully Yours: The Amazing Bond Between Us and the Animals We Love illustrates that connection we have with animals in our lives. One of the stories in my book is about my African Grey parrot. When Kijivu came to live with me he was very fearful and the thing he was most afraid of was me. With a lot of time and a lot of patience Kijivu began to get used to me. Our story is about a breakthrough moment we had one morning.


To celebrate the release of Faithfully Yours, I’m taking part in a blog book tour. Peggy Frezon is a contributor to Guidepost Magazine, has had stories featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul and is the author of Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw, and The Dieting with My Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance. I had the chance to ask Peggy some questions and she was gracious enough to answer.


I loved to write when I was younger, but never thought of being a writer when I grew up(though I’m sure my Who-Done-It Murder in the Middle School would have been epic.). Was writing a passion for you in your youth and what made you decide to become a writer?

Oooh that sounds like a wonderful whodunnit! You are right, I was always writing and creating characters when I was young. I got my first work, a poem about the rain, published in a magazine when I was eight. I definitely wrote stories about my dogs. When it came time to choose a career path, I considered being an oceanographer, a trainer of dogs for the blind, or a writer. Writer won.

Why write about animals and specifically the Human-Animal Bond?

Because I get to combine my two favorite things–animals and writing. I chose to write about the human-animal bond because through my research for Guideposts magazine articles, I would come across stories about a dog who rescued a toddler, or a horse who protected its rider…and then I’d read other stories about people who helped animals in their time of need. We to form a powerful bond with animals. I wanted to write about this connection.

I’m proud that Faithfully Yours includes a special moment between my bird and I. What do you think makes people like to share these stories and what makes people eager to read them?

The story of you and Kijivu is so special because of the time you took to try to break through to, and connect with, your pet. I think people like to share these stories because they recognize the power of the human-animal bond. People like to read them because they may have experienced a close bond with a special animal, too.

What do you hope readers take away from Faithfully Yours? What did you take away from writing it?

I hope readers feel inspired by the capacity animals have for loving us. And I hope they hug their own pet a little closer after reading the stories. What I took away is that not only are animals amazing in their capacity to care for us, but also so many people are amazing in what they do to care for animals.

Faithfully Yours is available right now at your local book seller or through online book seller’s like Amazon.

Or you could win one!

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Peggy is giving away 1 copy of Faithfully Yours. For a chance to win, just leave a comment below. Get more chances to win by commenting on other blogs in the tour. 14 blogs means 14 chances to win.


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