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Pet Product Review Hop- October 2014

As much as I love the summer and being able to be outside, I’m looking forward to the yard work being over and being able to focus more on Pet Product Review. Colder weather means more time to do inside stuff. What do you have planned to do this fall?

Featured Blog- TXpups


Tell us about yourself, your pets and why you started your blog-

TXpups is about our three pups from Texas, Tahoe, Lucy and Comet. TXpups originally started as an Instagram, we wanted to share the thousands of cute photos of our pups with the world. We’ve come a long way since then, we’ve started a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a blog!

Our goal for our blog was to create a resource where dog owners and lovers could visit, read, and laugh along with us while we shared valuable and reliable information about dogs, raising a dog, and reliable products that pet owners can trust. Our blog has allowed us to reach so many more people, which we are extremely thankful for.

Along the way, we’ve met so many great people that have helped and supported us. We’d like to thank our Instagram friends, our BlogPaws friends, and of course Pet Product Review.

What types of products do you review?

We review everything dog, from dog beds to doggie apps (yes, and they’re very useful!) We love to review anything and everything dog. We only review quality products from companies we trust. We’re brand advocates for PetBox (a subscription box company just for pets), PrideBites (a dog toy company), and Berke + Brady Jo (an up and coming human and pet boutique located in Missouri). You can find our product reviews here and on our Instagram. We also host giveaways frequently on our blog and Instagram.

Where can people find you online?

We’d love to meet and chat with you!






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Pet Product Review Hop


Thank you to TXpups for joining in the Hop last month. Every month we feature a blogger who participated in the previous month’s Pet Product Review Hop. Would you like to be picked to be a featured blog? Just join in our blog hop by linking up a recent post where you reviewed a pet product to the Pet Product Review Blog Hop below. Details on joining are here.

Pet Product Review Hop–September 2014

Labor Day is over, the kids are back to school and it’s time to start thinking about what fall fun we can have with our pets.

The dogs and I enjoy spending time outside in the cooler weather, while the birds can’t wait to enjoy the seeds from the squash I’ll be picking from [...]

Staying Visible At Night With Pup Protector

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post either in the form of product or payment, but this did not influence our opinion. The views expressed are those of me and my pets. This post may contain affiliate links which compensate me if you purchase through that link.


Did you ever buy something because [...]

Keeping Track of Your Pet With the Iota

Iota Tracking System


When my dogs went missing a few years ago, it was the worse 2 1/2 hours of my life. I had no idea which direction they went in or how far away they had gone. Fortunately, I was able to get them all home safe and sound.

When I learned about the Iota, I [...]

Pet Product Review Blog Hop- August 2014

Do you know the beginning of August is part of the Dog Days of Summer? Running from the beginning of July to the middle of August, the Dog Days are named for the fact that Sirius, the Dog Star, rose at the the same time or just before the sun. It’s also known for being [...]