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Taste Test Tuesday- Against The Grain Cat Food

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post either in the form of product or payment, but this did not influence our opinion. The views expressed are those of me and my pets. This post may contain affiliate links which compensate me if you purchase through that link.

My pets work hard helping me with my .reviews so I decided to start a feature I knew they would love- Taste Test Tuesday. Now they can do their favorite thing in the world- eat. Each week we’ll feature a treat that they got to try. But please take their opinions with a grain of salt, some of my critters are terribly picky, while others will eat anything. Even I won’t believe a dog who thinks cat poop tastes delish

Pet Product Review Taste Tests Against The Grain Cat FoodCanned food is the only type of food I buy for my cats. About 10 years ago I switched my cats from dry food over to canned. Except for a short stint back on the dry, it’s all I’ve feed and I really feel they’ve benefited from it especially my adopted diabetic cats.

All 6 were more than happy to try Against The Grain Cat Food. We dined on 4 flavors- Caribbean Club with Chicken, Shrimp Daddy with Tuna & Salmon, Tuna Mango with Duck and Tuna Aubergine with Seabass.

Quick view of  Against The Grain Cat Food

  • Made of 85% meat that is human quality and antibiotic/hormone free.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • No preservatives. Vitamin E is used to preserve the food.
  • Family owned company that owns the manufacturing facility where food is processed.
  • Against The Grain also makes a dog food that has a 5 star rating on Dog Food Advisor.

The cats knew something was up when I started opening the cans. This wasn’t their normal dinner fare. I had a hard time setting the bowl on the floor as they rush to get their share. Except for Poughkeepsie who is not a fan of fish. But lucky him, I saved the Caribbean Club with Chicken for him to enjoy and he raced back into the kitchen in anticipation.

The cats definitely liked Against The Grain Cat Food so it’s one brand I’ll add to their list.



You can purchase Against The Grain Cat Food directly through their website as well as from Amazon*.

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