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For Your Pet’s Favorite People- Gifts For The Groomer


We all get busy at during the holidays. There is just so much to do. This time of year is also busy for groomers. After all we want our pets to look their best for the celebrations so they work hard to make it happen . Say thank you with one of these gifts for your groomer.

Gift Ideas for your Favorite Groomer

Gifts Ideas For The Groomer

Embrace the Dog Hair, it's everywhere sign

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Hair, hair everywhere. Grooming pets comes with a lot of pet hair. There is just no way around it especially in a grooming shop. Now your groomer can show their level of acceptance with this Embrace the Dog Hair sign for their shop.


Afghan Hound Dog fur cap

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With all that hair everywhere groomers end up wearing some of it home in a not very fashionable way. Now they can wear the hair in style with this Afghan Hound Watch Cap knitted from hair from an Afghan Hound.


Pet business card holder

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Business cards are an important part of running a business and you need something eye catching so they get noticed. This cute  dog business card holder is sure to get them the attention they need.



Embroidered dog towels

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Add a little oomph to your groomer’s towel collection at home or at the shop with some embroidered dog towels featuring one of a variety of breeds like Border Collie, Pug, Dachshund, Basset Hound, German Shepherd or Poodle.


Dog Groomer Earrings

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The ears have it! At least they well once this pair of Dog Groomer Earrings is in place. Crafted from wire, 1 earring features a dog while the other a pair of grooming shears.



Are you looking for a gift for a favorite person? Etsy has something for everyone. Visit their Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect gift.

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