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Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrating Dog Moms

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With more women choosing to have a pet over having kids, it’s no wonder Mother’s Day is going to the dogs!

While we may spend our days picking up after our fur kids, making sure they eat right and get enough exercise and that their personal hygiene is taken care of, the reward is worth it. You can’t beat the love we get in return from our dogs. But a gift never hurts. Here are a few gift ideas for the dog mom in your life.


celebrating dog moms


1. Proud Dog Mom T-shirt


proud dog mom tshirt




I don’t know about you, but when I want to show the world how I feel about something, I say it through a t-shirt. Let everyone know how you feel about your pet parenthood status with this Proud Dog Mom t-shirt available through Booo Tees on Etsy (US).




Source:Etsy (US) Booo Tees on Etsy (US)



2. Dog Mom Decal


dog mom car decal




Let everyone know it’s not just anyone at the wheel, it’s a dog mom doing the driving with this eye catching decal from TheVinylBeach on Etsy (US).














Source:TheVinylBeach on Etsy (US)



3. Dog Mom Personalized Necklace


dog mom personalized necklace



Wear your love for your dog close to your heart with this sterling silver Dog Mom Personalized Necklace from TinyEpicMoments on Etsy (US).






Source:TinyEpicMoments on Etsy (US)


4. World’s Best Dog Mom Mug


worlds best dog mom mug











Start the day with a cup of coffee and an affirmation saying that you are the World’s Best Dog Mom with this mug found in MyCreativeShoppe on Etsy (US).













Source:MyCreativeShoppe on Etsy (US)


5. Dog Mom Custom Keychain

custom dog mom keychain



The key to happiness is having a dog in your life. Show off your dog while letting everyone know you’re a dog mom with this Dog Mom Custom Keychain from NowThatsPersonal on Etsy (US).






Source: NowThatsPersonal on Etsy (US)


Happy Mother’s Day!

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